Herbalife Level 10

Level 10 participants are encouraged to compete in one of the three categories over a 12 week period. They are then entered into a local Distributor run challenge. If they are successful in the local competition, they are then entered into the regional customer final day. These regional winners are then entered into the National customers final day whereby one customer will be crowned ‘Herbalife’s Level 10 Customer of the year 2014’ .

Josh  completed his Herbalife Level 10 Body Transformation Challenge. Watch the video to find out how he lost 7% body fat and dropped down to 13 and a half stone!

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Endurance Drinks from Herbalife 24

Herbalife 24, is a comprehensive performance sports nutrition program designed to meet the nutritional needs of the 24-hour endurance athlete.

Herbalife 24, allows athletes to customize their nutrition program based on their specific sport, day-to-day needs, and training demands, features the following drinks for endurance training and events: Formula 1 Sport, Hydrate, Prolong, Rebuild Endurance and Rebuild Strength

Formula 1 Sport is a dairy-based protein drink with glutamine, and 20 vitamins and minerals while Hydrate, with less than 15 calories, has bioavailable electrolytes and 1gm of sugar.

Rebuild Endurance and Rebuild Strength, two post-workout recovery shakes, have higher ratio of carbohydrates to protein and protein to carbohydrates respectively while Prolong is a during endurance workout supplement to sustain performance with a dual-source carbohydrate blend and electrolytes.

Endurance Drinks

Coenzyme 1

Coenzyme 1, also known as NADH is biologically available vitamin B3. It is the primary coenzyme which fuels over 1000 metabolic processes in the body. It is quite literally cellular fuel.

Coenzyme 1 was first discovered in 1903, but its role the body was not fully understood until many years later thanks to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Walther Birkmayer.  Dr. Birkmayer received four honorary doctorates for his work on Coenzyme 1.

Coenzyme 1 is critical to the production of ATP energy, the energy that powers our cells and our entire body.  Quickspark is a convenient way for you to increase your ATP energy by supplementing your Coenzyme 1 level. Quick-Acting to help boost stamina and restore alertness and energy:

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Weight Loss Soup with Antioxidants

Herbalife’s newest savoury snack is a perfect choice as one of your 5 small daily meals.
Enjoy Gourmet Tomato Soup as a healthy and hot snack during the day or as an appetiser before lunch or dinner.

It’s calorie-controlled at only 104 kcal, and high in protein and fibre to keep you fuller for longer! It also contains prebiotic fibre Inulin to support healthy digestion and naturally occurring tomato Lycopene, a known antioxidant.

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What Causes Vitamin D Deficiency

It’s dubbed the ‘sunshine vitamin’ but how do we get enough vitamin D when the sun isn’t shining or you avoid sunlight?

Sun exposure is required for the skin to produce vitamin D, as a normal balanced diet contains very little. This has brought about a growing concern for vitamin D deficiency in particular groups: older people or those living in institutional care with little exposure to sunlight, those with darker skin tone, and those who cover themselves because of cultural or religious reasons.

So how do you make sure you get enough? You don’t need to bake yourself in the sun and risk skin cancer to get a good dose of vitamin D.

How much you need depends on your skin colour. If you have fair skin, you may only need approximately 5 minutes of daily exposure in summer sun, whereas if you have darker skin, you may need up to 20 minutes each day.

More exposure is needed over winter to product vitamin D because UV levels are considerably less. But by getting enough sunlight hours over summer, you can build up your stores for winter.

It’s also important to remember that even when it’s cloudy, you are still exposed to UV light, so just because you can’t see the sun, doesn’t mean you’re not getting vitamin D!

Very few foods contain vitamin D: oily fish, eggs and some fortified milks and margarine.

It’s a good idea to include these healthy foods in your diet, even if you don’t think you have concern for vitamin D deficiency.

Those over the age of 50 years need almost double the amount of vitamin D than those younger than them. So to make sure you get the recommended amount, try to get about 15 minutes of sensible sunshine each day and eat the healthy foods mentioned above.

Sources of Vitamin D

Nutritional Shakemix with Vitamin D

Multivitamin Supplement with Vitamin D

Calcium and Vitamin D Tablet